Boom 2020 Theme

Boom 2020 Theme

Dear Boomers,

With each edition arrives a new opportunity to bring light to a particular topic we find meaningful. Every single chosen theme is the result of many months apprehending what is happening in the world, travelling around to tap into different sources of inspiration, and reflecting on how Boom can create a positive impact on the basis of that theme.

Over its twenty two years of history, Boom Festival has honoured five themes, starting in 2010 with Water; 2012 with Alchemy; 2014 with The Feminine; 2016 with Shamanism, and more recently 2018 with Sacred Geometry.

Each theme marks the festival in a unique way - you’ll see it expressed in art displayed across site; you’ll see it transpire through presentations and workshops given within cultural spaces, and you’ll see it guide the general vibe of our week-long celebration.

In 2020, we focus on our existence on planet Earth as a species. The theme chosen is a reflection of the current zeitgeist. From small choices to bigger issues, it is an invitation to take matters into our own hands.

We invite you to unveil the Boom 2020 theme HERE, either in English or Portuguese. Please take your time to read the text and explore the links.

Only 15 full moons stand between this moment and our next reunion. We’ll stay in touch every step of the way. Until then...

Cultivate Freedom & Love,
Boom Team

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