April Updates

April Updates

Dear Boomers,

It’s April  and we’ve got more important news...

The Boom theme: what could it be? It’s one of the most prominent questions on the mind of many Boomers! We spent the last months channeling in what was happening around the world, researching and traveling to get a feeling of how could Boom work on a meaningful conceptual framework.

The theme has been defined and the visual identity for 2020 is a work in progress. We absolutely cannot wait to disclose it to you, it calls to the visionary and activist inside each one of us - stay tuned to all the usual channels when we announce it on the next full moon in May… You will not be disappointed!

In other news, you may recall we’ve been documenting the progress of the Boomland Reforestation Program. It’s one of the most important developments to take shape on the land ever since it became our home. The result is an insightful narrative, which you can now check out below.

Two years ago, we celebrated 20 years of Boom and the occasion was marked by two significant projects: the Boom Festival 20 Years documentary movie and a book entitled, Boom Festival 20 Years: A Visual and Oral History. Go online to know all about them!

Thank you for your continuous love, support and feedback. We look forward to reaching out to you again with the 2020 theme.

Cultivate Freedom & Love,
Boom Team

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