Liminal Village 2018: Webisode 5

Interest towards indigenous cultures and their ways with spirituality, medicine and relation with life has been increasing over the past years - in this fifth Liminal Village 2018 Specials webisode, we approach this particular phenomena, its impact and other related topics.... read more

Liminal Village 2018: Webisode 4

In this fourth Liminal Village Special, medical doctor and psychedelic activist Andrea Zeuch bridges the world of psychedelics and society as we know it. We invite you to tune in with this inspiring talk!... read more

Boom Book 20 Years Now Available

Our most recent, and last newsletter for the year of 2018! Here we give you further information on the beautiful piece we've created for the 20th anniversary of Boom Festival... read more

Liminal Village 2018: Webisode 3

The third webisode of the Liminal Village 2018 Specials is a panel discussion on what is known as Harm Reduction and whether it caters to the diverse needs of individuals. Make sure to check it out!... read more

Liminal Village 2018: Webisode 2

In this second webisode of the 2018 Liminal Village Specials, we explore Pleasure and Happiness, the mechanisms behind addictive behaviour and many other thought-provoking revelations.... read more

Boom 2020 Dates Announcement

On this full moon night, we're letting you now the official dates for Boom 2020!... read more

Eco Letter to the Boomers 2018

Our usual assesment on sustainability measures and other key topics about Boom 2018, Boomland and the future!... read more

Liminal Village 2018: Webisode 1

'Woman Stands Shining - Rediscovering the “original instructions”: indigenous wisdom in service of thriving life' is the first webisode of the Liminal Village 2018 Specials - now available online!... read more

Boom Radio 2018 Sets launched today

Today we've published the first of many Boom Festival 2018 recorded sets! More are coming your way in the upcoming weeks.... read more


The Boom Festival 20 Years documentary (1997-2017) film sums up its origins, 11 editions of the festival and all the projects which emerged from its evolution over time.... read more

Letter to the Boomers 2018

A recollection of what marked this 2018 edition, an assessment of both positive and less positive aspects, and a message from our hearts to the whole Boom community.... read more

Boom Festival 2018 - Night Aerial Views (Extended)

Here's the extended of the night time aerial view of Boom 2018!... read more

Celebrating Boom Festival's 20th anniversary: official book and documentary film release

The unveiling of the book and documentary film which celebrate Boom Festival's 20 years.... read more