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Boom 2016 - Liminal Village Specials

Episode 01: Share the Coin! How to bring the Boom Spirit Home
Episode 02: the 2nd. Psychedelic Revolution
Episode 03: Beautiful Trouble - Creative Resistance to a Commodified World
Episode 04: Kaleidoscopic DNA - From the Beatnicks to Goa in the 21st century - A Psychedelic Background
Episode 05: Fireside with Android Jones
Episode 06: Comtemporary Shamanism and Sacred Ritual
Episode 07: Dharma of Permaculture
Episode 08: Psytrance Independent Media
Episode 09: The Inner Search for a Better World
Episode 10: AI: Ethics, Opportunities and the Singularity
Episode 11: Cosmovision, Ritual and Community
Episode 12: Psytrance Festivals Around the World

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