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Getting to Boom

Getting to Boom

Zoom To Boom. It’s not just about the destination - but the journey too! Whether you fly in on the Boom Bus or drive down with your mates: adventure is the name of the game. But you wanna be street wise too… Check out our informative guide on how to get there (preferably in one piece).

So where is there? There is right HERE on the Boomland! It hugs the shores of an enchanting lake not far from the Spanish border. Situated near the city of Castelo Branco, Boom is located within close proximity to the historic town of idanha-a-Nova.

It’s also about 260 km from Lisbon in Portugal and 360 km from Madrid in Spain (teleportable distance).

Got your pots, pans, bags and tents stacked and ready? Great. So let’s go!

Simply pinpoint Alcafozes or Idanha-a-Nova in Portugal on your map to make sure you’re on the right tracks.

How to get to Boom?

Boom Bus

What could be better than jumping on to a bus full of bouncy Boomers all on the same vibe? You just know you’re in for a good time when you join this funky crowd… Safe, sustainable, comfy and convenient: hop on board our humble charter bus at either Lisbon or Madrid airports and get a ride to the festival and back.

Thanks to one of our official partners, there are connections for the Boom Bus in France, Switzerland and Belgium. Please go HERE for more information.

Eco fact: The Boom Bus has transported thousands of happy boomers to the festival over the years. In 2016, a total of 211 Boom buses transported 29% of all Boomers. 

Go HERE to know more about Boom Bus from Lisbon and Madrid.

Public Transport

So you’ve rocked up to either Lisbon or Madrid Airport, but you don’t have a ticket for the Boom Bus. Fear not - the Portuguese (and Spanish) transport systems will save the day. Here’s what you need to know:

From Lisbon Airport to Boom Festival

  • Train: Catch the Metro to Gare do Oriente station. From this point, jump on a train to Castelo Branco where you can get the shuttle bus to the festival gates. Please see below for more details about the Shuttle Bus

For train times, costs and further information, please visit:

  • Bus: Take the metro to Sete Rios bus station. From this point, you can take a bus to Castelo Branco where you can get the shuttle bus to the festival gates. From Lisboa you can also get a bus directly to Idanha-a-Nova, from there get a taxi to the festival. More info on bus below.

For bus times, costs and further information, please visit:

From Castelo Branco to Boom Festival

Some Buses to Castelo Branco will also be departing from various cities in the North of Portugal. These include: Braga, Famalicão, Porto and Guarda. Click HERE for more information.

Madrid Airport to Boom Festival

  • Bus: From the airport, take the Metro towards Avenida Mendez Alvaro. Here you will find Estación Sur de Autobuses - Madrid’s main bus station. From this point, you will find buses to Sete Rios Lisboa bus station, which take about 11 hours. From Lisbon, take the bus to Castelo Branco. (Please scroll down for information about the shuttle bus from Castelo Branco to the festival).

For information about buses from Madrid to Sete Rios, please visit: and

  • Train: From the airport, take the Metro to Chamartin train station.There is just one daily train departing for Lisbon’s Estação do  Oriente.

To check train times, costs and further information, please visit: or


Shuttle Bus from Castelo Branco to/from Boomland

There is a shuttle bus from Castelo Branco bus and train station straight to the festival gates. The service is done by a local bus company

The shuttle will operate on the 21-22-23 and 28-29th July according to the following schedule:

  • Increased availability on the 22-23rd and 28-29th of July.

  • 28th of July: operating from 8 a.m

  • 29th of July: operating from 7 a.m

  • One-way trip: 10€

  • Buses will depart once they hold a sufficient number of passengers

Local Bus Service

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there: sometimes we miss the proverbial boat (or bus, as it happens).

Thankfully, there are no less than THREE fantastic local buses running from Castelo Branco to Idanha-a-Nova from Monday to Friday. There’s also one bus a day running on Saturday and Sunday.

*Alternatively, just share a cab with a group of funky hippies and get yourself delivered straight to the festival gates.

Bus times from Castelo Branco to Idanha-a-Nova:

Monday to Friday: 07:30; 12:25; 17:15

Saturday: 12:25

Sunday: 11:40

Shuttle service from Idanha-a-Nova to Boom Festival

There will be a shuttle bus from Idanha-a-Nova to Boom Festival. It is not an official Boom Bus but organized by a local company. It costs less than 5€ and operates every day of the festival.  

Idanha-a Nova - Boomland

08:15 | 09:45 | 11:15 | 14:45 | 16:15 | 17:45

 Boomland - Idanha-a Nova 

09:00 | 10:30 | 12:00 | 15:30 | 17:00 | 18:25

By Car

If you plan to va-va-voom to Boom with mates, then don’t forget to do your very own impersonation of Bohemian Rhapsody when you stop for a break. But try not to freak out the locals as they deserve all the respect and good smiles. So here’s how you get there:

From Lisbon

Take the A1 motorway, direction North. Exit at A23, direction Torres Novas. Continue direction Castelo Branco along the A23 and exit at Lardosa/ Idanha-a-Nova. Follow the signs to Idanha-a-Nova, where you will reach a roundabout with signs to the ‘Pre-Park’ and to ‘Boom Festival.’

From Oporto

Take the A1 motorway, direction Lisbon, until you reach signs for he A25, direction Viseu. Drive along the A25, take the exit to A23 in direction to Covilhã and Castelo Branco. Exit at Lardosa / Idanha-a-Nova. Follow the signs to Idanha. Here you will reach a roundabout with signs to Boom Festival.

From Madrid

Take the A5 Motorway direction Pasencia and Portugal. Get the A1, direction Plasencia and follow the signs for the Ex-108 to Coria / Portugal. Continue following signs to Portugal. As you enter the country, you will see signs to the town of Idanha-a-Nova. When you get to the town, you will reach a roundabout with signs to Boom Festival.


Lift Share

The experience you share could be something out of a movie. You could even write a book about it.  In fact, there’s just no describing the joy of sharing the same excitement with a bunch of total strangers when catching that ride to Boom!

Thousands have enjoyed the Lift Share experience to Boom. It’s one of the simplest, most effective ways of connecting people heading to the festival. Sound good?  

To offer a ride or look for one, go to:

Boom By Bike

Hop on your two wheels and become a Boomcyclist! All the necessary information on how to be part of the Boom By Bike can be found HERE.


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