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Food Vendors & Chaishops

Food Vendors & Chaishops

We are really happy to announce our lovely food vendors partners that were selected to be at Boom Festival 2018. Here you can find the full list of all the tribes that will be represented inside Boom with their amazing food from all over the world!



Argentinian Grill

Authentic Argentinian Barbecue: Grilled meat (beef, chicken and pork) with chimichurri, vegetables on fire with quinoa, wedges with barbecue sauce. Good food and good mood!!! FoodOnTour

Aya Earthfood

AYA Earthfoods is more than a food stall, weather it was the music that drew you in, the familiar family energy or the amazing smells from the kitchen, you walk into a space filled with smiles and amazing vibes A healthy hub that brings freshly prepared nutritious handmade foods and drinks to your environment, with love and authenticity Our goal is to offer everyone healthier food choices that are packed with. YUMMY GOODNESS


Baraka over 10 years of experience offer Middle eastern food such as: Falafel & Hummus & Veggie Rice and Couscous

Cafe Nuclear

The Cafe Nuclear will offer you in 2018 vegan, vegetarian, chicken or pork varieties of our Xxl-Baguettes, coffee and fresh juice. And like Boomnever sleeps....we are open 24h a day!

Cantina Sagrada

Our goal: Bridging the World of flavours and styles of Global street food scene with healthy, organic, conscious, nutritious, professional and warm hearted approach. We take pleasure in providing great customer care and to not cut any corners in providing optimal quality of experience. Have you ever encountered true Love through the aphrodisiacal deliciously concocted cacao love potion?? What does a fresh vegan chai tea made from scratch tastes like in the cooling evenings?? Homemade cashew and coconut yoghurt with fruits or muesli after your yoga routine?? Sizzling street tacos?? Smooth richer than life raw cakes?? ... <3

Carlito Burrito

BURRITO CARTEL MEXICAN STREET FOOD For Grub and Glory! Mexican street Food and Mezcaleria. Burrito CARTEL was born in the festival scene. We made everything fresh, from scratch, on site. Food from the Gods. Fresh home made corn tortillas. Festival vibes. Mexican folk art. Huggable staff. Gluten free. Imported Mexican chillies and local produce.

Chip Off The Block

'Straight from the Heart of the UK, Chip Off The Block has been touring the festival scene for a number of years selling delicious gourmet chips with a variety of yummy extras out of a groovy multicoloured van. All of our produce is locally sourced, and in the UK comes straight from our farm to the festivals. We feel honoured to be trading at boom this year and have some amazing options on our menu to suit all dietary requirement for boomers!!

Dragon's Nest

Family owned, vegetarian and vegan child friendly food. Meals, snacks and homemade Slushies served close by the Young Dragons area with suspended nests around to seat and relax while your litlle ones play around or to enjoy a quiet relaxing break from the festival with our home made, 100% Bio Slushies.

Elfik Pizza

We are a group of friends most of us born in the alternative comunity "La Valle degli Elfi". We travel around the world making pizzas. A part of the income goes to support the cultural association "imaginaria arte dalla natura " to realize the festival IMAGINARIA .


Welcome to the Eureka experience !
Eureka's Chill out zones creates a new vibe in events that combine comfort and relaxation with visual effects and fun. 
Our new concept of Chill out zones includes the setup of an innovative complex that combines dozens of hammocks, comfortable seating areas, interactive decor and radiant colorful ambient lighting.

Fair Market

The "Fair Market" corner is the place that showcase the best that the region can provide, with genuin and healthy meals. Here you will find and taste all the best of Idanha-a-Nova and try out tasty treats, such as frutis, salty pies, cakes, organic bread, fresh juices and many other. Come and join us!


In Govinda's we have a genuine spirit of sharing love and care for people through 100% pure vegetarian/vegan sattvik food, prepared in a traditional way without onions, garlic or mushrooms. Our style is inspired in traditional Indian food and is very similar to the Govinda restaurants spread all over the world


GRATITUDE is a healthy and confort food restaurant. We practiced a mindfulness feeding with national fresh products of the season, coming mostly from local organic and extensise farms. Our menu offers multiple choices for the whole day with tasty vegan, vegetarian, paleo and gluten free dishes.

Join us for breakfast, light meals, salads, sandwiches, snacks, desserts and drinks and give us the pleasure of your company.

Grindhouse Coffee Cabaret

Grindhouse, come hang out with us in a cozy, quirky space facing the lake with a wonderful atmosphere, while enjoying our famous ice cold frappes and gourmet snacks.


Hamburguesia is a pioneer in the street food business. Our concept is based on organic meat, which has a superior quality compared to other meats. Let's sell it in burger form including the veggie burger, as accompaniment I fear our sweet fries. All our recipes are inspired by Alentejo cuisine. Our products are all organic and fresh, the meat is packed in a vacuum to guarantee all the freshness and a good preparation. Hamburguesia also concentrates much on the balance of nature and as such everything is thought to be the least negative for our planet, almost 100% of what we use is recyclable and biodegradable. Our trailer is a mold of a citroen HY, there is no equal in street food, with vintage style and all equipped to work in any type of event. We thus want with our experience in the market to take the street food to have quality products, biological and healthy, to have a premium and ecological range.

Happy Food

HappY FooD is a concept of World Food Flavours with a Homemade Taste. Simple, fresh, healthy, colourful and happy food. All of this together with a Friendly and Fun environment approach. HappY PeoplE, HappY MomentS, HappY FooD

La Encantada

La Encantada Project is a way of living the life in perfect harmony with nature. What started as a small family project soon growth as a project of many. We believe in the linkage between eco-sustainable way of life and an economy based on fair trade and support of small local business. This project represents the force of will for change and believing in oneself and in the true natural order of the things. Remembering the origins…returning to the land…listening the plants…feeling the life… Our food is the result of this harmony and love for this way of life that we choose to follow for the last 13 years. LA ENCANTADA WE ARE LOVE

La Pizzeria D'Egli Elfi

We are an alternative community born in the early 1980 and based in Tuscany, Italy, we started making pizza in the late 80's to support the community and the people living there, we always try the best to integrate local economies by using local products, our pizza are only vegetarian.

Laotian Food

Authentic Laotian food from sticky rice to spicy salad, curries and noodles. All made with organic vegetables and homemade tofu. Festival-goers love our daily changing menu.

Las Mil Y Una Lunas

Sweet and savory crepes with organic dough

Lunched Out Lizards

Original chai, freshly made & served with love

M's Bakery



Maria Wurst

The German-Portuguese duo travels through Portugal with their lives in their backpacks, selling homemade sausages: You’ll find seven different kinds, including Organic sausages, German sausages, Vegetarian sausages and even local ones. Our grill never goes unnoticed, just follow the smoke signs. See you soon!


providing 100% sattvik ( no garlic, onion, mushrooms ) vegetarian/vegan/raw options to promote health and well-being to everyone with an international fusion  flavour using fresh local products freshly prepared by a highly motivated team of loving  volunteers working round the clock

PePa Street Food




Our Offer it's "The Piadina", the Piadinas have their origin on the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna and it's a thin and crunchy pastry, kind of a wrap, but made fresh every day and cooked hot in the moment you order, it can be made with a lot of different fillings like Smoked Salmon, Vegetables, Pulled Pork, Grilled Chicken breast, etc... We complement our offer with cups of fruit and Granola cereals, we hope you enjoy it!


Pizz'N'Love is a group of soul brother and sisters and family that run an original Napolitan Pizzeria in the heart of Tuscany. The pizzas we make are truly authentic Napolitan Pizzas , hand spun , with small acrobatics.

Plant Hunter

Plant Hunter is the first fully plant & herb based vegetarian restaurant from Croatia. Our meals contain wild foraged plants and organic superfoods and we provide the information about all the ingredients we use and their Plant Spirit Medicine. With love & presence we make the mixtures for our meals for the full satisfaction of your tongue. Looking forward to see all the Boomers enjoying Plant Hunter's healthy food. "You are what you eat".

Seed of Life

We do our best to provide quality homemade healthy Food and uplifting Drinks to feed the crowd with Positive Vibrations. The food we serve is VEGETARIAN, that includes VEGAN, Gluten Free, and RAW options. Besides CACAO and true indian CHAI, we have range of teas, herbal teas + more. Open 24h. *Benvind@ seja quem vier por Bem*


We are a Shanticaravan project, we do a Delicious vegetarain and Vegan Creps Homemade with full of love, sweet and salty options most of part of ingredients are organic and the base of crep is vegan, no milk no eggs!!!!!! Try our creps and I assure you that you will come every day! we will be in Sacred Fire area. enjoy your BOOM! LOVE & LIGHT

Smoothie Temple

Delicious, fresh fruit and vegetable nutrition balanced Smoothies prepared with love! They serve as a complete meal and keep you hydrated while you are dancing and enjoying the sun . This year we also offer at Chillout fresh salads and Sandwich. Come and try!!!! And in top of it!!!!At night we have vegan Chai and Hot Chocolate!!!!!!


The SOUL-SOUP-Crew is on the mission with the vision of cooking healthy,vegan,vegetarian,tasty food on the festivals to give the crowd power they will need to enjoy the party,workshops or whatever they wanna do on the festival. In our soup-bar „SOUL SOUP“ we cook delicious vegan and vegetarian soups(e.g.„COCO LOCO“ Sweet Potato-Carrot-Coco-Ginger Soup with different kind toppings (e.g. fried crispy noodles and original pumpkin seed oil) „MAHARAJA“ mashed lentils-soup with sour cream, mint honey and decorative flowers,............) salty snacks(cole-slaw-salad, deep fried cheese-balls with dip) and sweets (cheesecake, vegan poelnta-cake with cinamon and chiaseeds).

Spaghetti Crazy Space

A travelling restaurant from Italy: your place to crazyly eat!

Spanish Homemade Food

BARWAY OUR KITCHEN IN YOUR WAY Spanish Homemade Food!! All the members of our BarWay family, we want to offer you our best service, energetic, delicious, nutritious and fresh food, during the whole day, in hours of sun and moon.

Sr. Showriço

Sr. Showriço is an artisan bakery. Our traditional breads are stuffed with the finest local ingredients to ensure the satisfaction of those who came to us for a good meal. We find the best raw materials, we gather them with love and we cook everything in the oven. The result is amazing! Try us! <3"


Enjoy our Portuguese specialty: "A Tachadinha", has two options, either with pork or with chicken, can be served on bread, or on the plate. We also have our delicious sweet chocolate crepes, strawberry, wild berries, honey ... and more! We are waiting for you! We will be located in Central Plaza. Open 24 hours Good festival !!! Colorful greetings:)

The Cru

The Cru offers organic food without gluten, no dairy, no refined sugar and free from pesticides, herbicides, hormones, dyes, or preservatives, but full of flavor! The best the Nature has to offer.

The Yoghurt Bar

Our "6" elements of life are: Be creative and socially conscious, live healthy and have fun, but most of all enjoy and make it a party, because finally we are here just on holidays! You can create, through various toppings, your own unique festive &amp; healthy treat! FlowYo, a delicious and festive yoghurt experience!

Veggie Lover's Truck

We were the first all-vegan truck in street food in Portugal, and started business on the 1st of Jully 2016. This is an innovative and differentiating concept, totally Vegan, designed with organic products in a fast-food concept. We bet on quality and service to the consumer. Our Veggie Burgers are produced and packaged in vacuum in order to preserve the quality until they reach our customers. We pride ourselves on the quality of all the ingredients and the originality of the recipes. Our concept has a refreshing image, with a varied and complete menu, tasty, organic and with vegetables and fruits that have been produced in a sustainable and safe way.

Veggy Pirates

Veggy Pirates – the pirate highwaymen of the vegan and vegetarian scene – is making the voyage to Boomland this year. Uproarious, delicious, conscious, unexpected – since 2008 Veggy Pirates are sabotaging your preconceptions! We bring you all the benefits of healthy eating and embrace veggies, vegans, meat eaters, foodies and fun seekers of all ages and walks of life.

Wanbli Tipi Tapas

Tipical Spanish and natural homemade food, made with Love.


Woest bratwursten are grilled on an original, classic German swing grill in our open kitchen. And do not forget the unlimited topping bar! At Woest everything is about making choices, you want an original bratwurst, a currywurst or do you go for the vega. If you have made a choice, you continue to choose the topping bar. There you will find different types of vegetables, sauces, salsas and crispy toppings that make you greedy!

Wok on Fire

Wok on Fire Japan Street Food: we have as main objective to bring the most authentic flavors of Japanese street cuisine. Among our dishes you can find from the famous yakisoba going through the most traditional dishes such as sushi or ramen to a wide selection of brochettes with different Japanese sauces. You can enjoy all our dishes in their vegan version.

Wok on Fayah

Hello, we are Wok on Fayah !, Our philosophy is to offer a wide alternative 100% vegetarian (vegan), healthy and with celiac option at music festivals. All framed in Asian cuisine, more specifically the Thai and prepared in front of the public in a show of fire and flavours. We hope to share our passion for Asian cuisine with you.


Our specialty dish is named “mellawach”, the whole process made in traditional yemenite`s way by hand we use only fresh stuff all made on the spot so u get fresh&hot food serve with lots of love. We offer great display with a range of colors to create a homely comfort environment putting alot of energy to make u feel the tradition of yemen.

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