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A Nice Boom

A Nice Boom

Welcome. You have tapped into the right frequency.

And if the universe can be experienced in a grain of sand, then we are blessed by an infinite spectrum of possibilities. Anything and everything is possible at Boom. You know it! So be ready to embrace the adventure with our guide to living and loving at this very special edition of Boom 2018!


Before looking for references to your Boom adventure we ask you a moment of pause. The Boom experience is above any ego, any sense of nation, it is a feeling born of the consciousness of the interconnection of all visible and invisible life forms.

On the Sacred Earth we are all One, the identity of belonging to a country is a human construction that has led us to some of the biggest problems in history.

Please do not use flags of countries at Boom and connect with your Universal Being!

And the Boom Experience goes beyond validation-seeking selfie. Ditch the smartphone and get with the present moment. Digital exhibitionism is the breeding ground to foster the narcissistic society that seeks approval through likes, comments, shares. Boom is a soul experience, replace self-objectification with oneness; insecurity with self-love and self-indulgence with altruism. Be here NOW, disconnect your cell phones, your electronic devices, offer yourself to others and the nature. 



We are grateful and looking forward to host you all at the beautiful Boomland.

To access our Survival Guide please click HERE.




What’s the best way of getting to Boom Festival?

Idanha-a-Nova (pronounced ‘Idanya) is situated in the east-central region of Portugal and falls under the province of Castelo Branco (meaning ‘white castle’). Read our guide on getting to Boom right HERE.

Should I use a bicycle inside Boomland?

Sure! Enjoy the adventure when you cycle through Boomland. Please use only the main roads with your bicylcle. Bicycles are independent, ecological and free vehicles, so there are no limitations to ride a bike through the main roads of Boom Festival. However, please be conscious and drive carefully to avoid accidents and wrongful behavior that can harm others. Also, and very important: please don't ride your bike inside the perimeter of crowded artistic areas (i.e. Dance Temple, Sacred Fire, Central Plaza, etc) - there are several bike parks for each location, so you can cycle all the way there, park your vehicle and walk inside. So go on then, get on yer bike!


There are several ways to arrive to the Boomland. Please check them out HERE.


All the roads end up at Boomland! There are several ways to arrive to the venue, and we have them listed for you HERE.


Is there a charter transport to Boom?

Of course! The Boom Bus is a charter bus service for a safer, more comfortable and sustainable Boom experience, providing transport from Lisbon and Madrid airports directly to the festival and back. 

The Boom Bus arrives at the festival venue one day before the official gates open. This means you can choose the best spot to camp, decompress from your journey and have some time to absorb the enigma of the Portuguese countryside merged with the futuristic Boom's structures, reminding you that the magic has already started…

For more information about the Boom Bus, please go HERE.


Shuttle Bus from Castelo Branco directly to Boom: From the Castelo Branco train and bus station (same), there will be a paying shuttle bus service directly to Boom Festival gates every day of the festival. 

Shuttle Bus from Idanha a Nova to Boom: In Idanha-a-Nova there will be a paying shuttle bus less than 5€ connecting directly to the Festival gates. This shuttle bus will operate from everyday of the festival. 

For more more info on both services go HERE.


There will be cabs nearby the Walking Gate. When entering ask for the taximeter. These will be local taxis, so in a way you will be contributing to the local economy. You can always share a cab with other fellow boomers - this will not only reduce costs, but also your carbon footprint!


How can I get to Boom driving from Lisboa?
Take the A1 motorway direction North, exit to A23, direction Torres Novas. Continue direction Castelo Branco along the A23, exit at Lardosa/ Idanha-a-Nova. Follow the signs to Idanha-a-Nova. In Idanha-a-Nova you will reach a roundabout, you will find the signs to the Pre-Park and to Boom Festival.

If I come from Oporto, how can I get to Boom?
Take the A1 motorway, direction Lisbon until you reach signs for the A25, direction Viseu. Drive along the A23, direction Covilhã and Castelo Branco. Exit at Lardosa/ Idanha-a-Nova. Follow the signs to Idanha-a-Nova. In Idanha-a-Nova you will reach a roundabout, you will find the signs to Boom Festival.

How can I get to Boom from Madrid?
Take the A5 motorway, direction Plasencia and Portugal. Take the A1, direction Plascencia and follow the signs for the Ex-108 to Coria/Portugal. Continue following signs to Portugal. As you enter the country you will see signs to Idanha-a-Nova. In Idanha-a-Nova you will reach a roundabout, you will find the signs to Boom Festival.




Will there be there be any camping gear available at the festival?

For the first time ever, we’ve got an onsite shop for camping materials. You can also reserve such materials in advance and pick them up directly at the festival. More details right HERE.

Will there be an additional charge for camping or using the caravan park?

No, camping and caravan parking is included in the price of the ticket.


What do I need to bring to Boom?

Boom Festival is a camping event so we recommend you bring the following basic items for a sweet survival: tent, sleeping bag, mattress, poles, tarps and any other infrastructures you may need to create a shaded campsite. Prepare for hot weather.

Free water is available on site and plenty of yummy food at the restaurants area/ grocery store.

Can I bring a campervan?

Yes, you can bring your campervan, however, please take note there are no typical campsite facilities such as electrical plug-in portals.

Please also make sure you pour all toilet liquid / waste waters into the special containers provided NEVER in compost toilets.

Note: DO NOT pour such waste waters into the compost toilets as this would disrupt the composting process and spread infection, threatening the health of your fellow Boomers.

Can I bring my own generator?

No. Please respect your neighbours and be conscious of your carbon footprint.

Can I rent a tent or any other accommodation on the site?

Yes, there will be a very limited number of tipis (big native American-style tents) available for rent at the Wanbli Tipi Camp, as well as cardboard tents at the Cardboard Village. Please click HERE for details. 


Can I bring a sound system?

No. There are some of the best ones out there on display at Boom!


Can I keep my valuables safe?

Yes. However, remember the number one rule: Never, ever, leave your valuables in your tent. Keep all cards, passports, documents, electronic equipment, etc in the Safe Lockers, which are available at the Info Stand.


Can I cook at Boom?

You sure can but ONLY at the community kitchens in the camping area. This is a fantastic little space where food truly becomes love! Here, you will meet new friends and share the great food you’ve cooked together. Enjoy to the max and don’t forget to tell us about your experiences! 


Parking is included in your Boom ticket! Look out for each Parking area specificity and respect any instructions given by the staff, they are here to help! Information about the Parking areas can be found HERE.


Boom is about dropping the ego, erasing the image of yourself to find a new Self, being in tune with yourself and finding new friends in the shores of the lake of Boomland. Surely there is a place for charging batteries and cell phone reception available. Yet we recommend you to try to capture the unique moments in time and space during Boom, embracing the now, rather than spending too much time with your cell phone. There is nothing as whole and mindful as all the adventurous connections with disconnection.


At Boom, your poop is gold! All of the human manure retrieved from the dry toilets is meant to be turned into soil. By using the dry toilets, you are contributing to giving back to the Earth a very fertile compost. Learn more about our Compost Toilets HERE.

Also, make sure you respect our recycling guidelines - in 2016, we recycled over 40,000kg of diverse materials: 13,840kg of paper and cardboard, 25,580kg of plastic and metal, and 9,480kg of glass. In 2018 we're hoping to recycle much more! Respect waste sorting and help give new life to tons of stuff.

If you're coming with your caravan or camper, please make sure to pour the waste water in the right containers. Check our Caravan guidelines for further information!


Can I buy groceries at Boom?

Most definitely! We have a supermarket open everyday with items like fresh bread, veggies, fresh fruits, drinks, dairy products, but also camping gear and toiletries.


If you feel like washing yourself, we have do many showers available throughout the camping areas. To limit excessive consumption, however, shower times are closed from 00H00 to 06H00am. Enjoy it thoroughly!



How does Boom Festival decide the price of tickets?

A socially conscious approach has helped us to develop a flexible pricing strategy, which reflects the different economic realities of every country.  Boom is a 100% independent, no sponsor festival funded by ticket sales alone. Thank you for supporting this project!

How do I buy a ticket to Boom?

To purchase your ticket, please visit the Boom Festival website or connect with a Boom Ambassador near you. 

I have a ticket-related issue: who do I contact?

If you have a ticket-related issue, please send an email to:

Find all other information and answers to ticket-related questions HERE.




What is a Boom Ambassador?

Ambassadors provide the crucial link between Boomers and Boom HQ.  These amazing brothers and sisters form a global network of individuals and organisations who not only sell tickets, but also provide all the information you need to have a rocking time at Boom.

There are dozens of Boom Ambassadors dotted across the world. These beautiful souls are the face of Boom and will do everything they can to assist you with any festival-related help or advice you need.

If you don’t have a Boom Ambassador in your country, simply get in touch with one in the country nearest to you - or alternatively, send an email to:

For a list of ambassadors, please click right HERE!




Do children need a ticket?

One of our most popular questions - and a good one too! Young Boomers (or Young Dragons as we like to call them) under the age of 13 do not need a ticket but they MUST be accompanied by parents or legal guardians.  Anyone under the age of 18 must also be accompanied by either parents or legal guardians.

Note: Due to the loud noise levels, intense heat and dusty conditions, we strongly advise parents not to bring children under the age of three.

More Info HERE.


Is there an age limit to attend Boom?

We intend to be as inclusive as possible, so people of all ages are welcome to partake in this wonderful celebration! If you wish to bring your children to Boom, make sure you read all the available information on how to register them. 

Note: Considering the high temperatures, loud noise and dusty air, we highly recommend parents not to bring children below 3 years of age!

We have also a registering process available for all the Elder Dragons out there who would like to come! Please connect with our team at for more information or to register.



Upon entering the venue, you will be given a wristband - this allows you to enter and leave the venue whenever you like. Make sure you have it on you at all times, and if you encounter any problem regarding your wristband, please connect with the Boom Team immediately.




Is there a special area for children?

Yes, and it’s called Young Dragons Area is open during the daytime only. It features a wide variety of creative activities for children of all ages. More information HERE

Note: Due to the loud noise levels, intense heat and dusty conditions, we strongly advise parents not to bring children under the age of three.


Is there a camp available for people with disabilities?  

Yes there is. Please register to have your space allocated by emailing us at: More information about this area HERE!


Can I bring pets?

NO. While we understand the nomadic way of life -  pets are not allowed at Boom for their own safety and your fellow Boomers alike.

Please ask friends and family to take care of your furry friends while you are at the festival. Not only will your animals be safe, you will also be over the moon to see them after Boom! 

Why are pets not allowed at Boom?

We love and care for animals and want to make sure they are free from the risk of harm. Boom is an intense environment for animals. Your dog will not appreciate the intense heat, dust or loud music. The Boomland is also a highly infectious area for leshmaniasis - a disease transmitted by parasites and which can kill animals. Please do not take this risk with your beloved animal.

More info HERE.



How do I take care of myself?

  • Is very simple: Good Rest, Good Food and Lots of Water, Good Smiles. Drink plenty of water!
  • Don’t fall asleep in the sun! You could burn your skin and become seriously dehydrated.

Note: If you see anyone sleeping under the scorching sun, please wake them up!

  • Keep your skin clean by wiping the dust from it.

Top tip:  simply drench your sarong or a small flannel in water to regularly wipe your skin

  • Use a good sunscreen.
  • Sleep: is 'magickk'! We know you don’t want to miss anything, but as the experienced festival-goer has vouched - you will most definitely enjoy the festival much more if you are fresh from a good night’s sleep!
  • Don’t party too hard too early. Remember Boom is a week-long experience: there is plenty of time to have fun and celebrate. Our advice is: Don’t peak too early and enjoy the middle way. Chill with the vibe and savour the journey from beginning to end.

Stay in control, know your limits and behave responsibly. It’s cool to be conscious!


Will I get diarrhoea at Boom?

The hot climate filled with so many different people from around the world makes it the perfect environment for such organisms to thrive!

Minimise the risk of bacteria by washing your hands regularly with soap or hand sanitizer - especially after using the toilets and before eating.  Water taps and soap are provided near all toilets. You can also minimise risk of spreading bacteria by not pissing or shitting outside the toilets!


Can we make a fire?

A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y  N-O-T

The Boomland is an EXTREMELY high fire risk area. Please do not put yourself, others and nature in danger. 


Where can I leave my valuables?

We have lockers at the Info Stand where you can keep all of your valuables (passport, cards, camera, wallet, etc). 

Should I be concerned with dangerous animals around the venue?

Althought there are no letal animals roaming around the Boomland, there is one species of scorpion also known as lacrau, very typical in this region. As it is small, be careful when you move rocks, or when putting on your shoes, as these are places where they like to hide. If you get stung, seek medical attention immediately.


What about medical care? How do I access it if I need it?

If you are hurt or injured, you can visit the 24-hour medical service and ambulance on site.


Who do I contact in case of emergency?

We have an onsite team of both firemen and doctors, available 24/7. There are also several First-Aid points spread across the venue. Check the venue map for their location, and report any suspicious activity to the Info Stand.


We have a Lost & Found box at the Infostand, so if you lose something during the festival make sure to stop by! 


What is Kosmicare and what is it’s purpose on Boomland?

Kosmicare was launched in 2002 as a collaboration project bewteen Boom Festival, Universidade Católica do Porto, and the Portuguese governmental institution SICAD (ex-IDT). In previous years there was a long collaboration with MAPS. Thanks to its volunteer teams of psychiatrists, psychologists and doctors, it was conceived to provide help and support to anyone having a difficult experience during the festival.

The project works in collaboration with the local hospital, fire and paramedic departments. It also works with external security and regional harm-reduction teams.

Kosmicare provides:

> Advice on damage prevention

> Information on risk minimisation, harm reduction

> Healthcare support and testing of substances

Note: Substances are not legal in Portugal, but due to Portuguese decriminalisation laws, projects for risk minimisation and harm reduction (such as Kosmicare), are allowed.

Please take care of yourself and each other - and do not ever use unknown, untested substances.


Is there a pharmacy onsite where I can buy medicines?

No, but the staff at the Hospital will administrate medicine if needed. Also,  if you need to store your medicines in a fridge, we have a hospital at the venue where they can help you with your needs. Please connect with before hand so our team can assist you.



What kind of food will be available at Boom?

Foodies and lovers of international cuisine will be happy to hear there are many different restaurants offering lots of amazing food from around the world. Simply stroll down to the Central Plaza to check out the different menus, or head over to the Sacred Fire to enjoy a fabulous breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, or snack any time of the day or night! Every restaurant has been selected according to its quality, affordability, and environmental policy. The Boom food stall list will be available online around June 2018.

Can I buy my food from a supermarket or shop?

Yes you can! There is also a supermarket-style shop for you on site. Here you can buy fresh fruit, vegetables, and bread. You can also get camping gear, organic toiletries and everything you need to make your experience at Boom more comfortable.


Will free drinking water be available?

Yes. Look out for the dozens of water taps across the site. The water is sourced from the public grid and is regularly analysed by health and safety inspections.

Top tip: Bring a stainless steel water refiller and keep it with you at all times. Clip or tie it to yourself so you don’t lose it.

Can I swim in the lake?

Yes you can! But please DO NOT shit or piss in the lake, or use it to bathe with petrochemical soaps, lotions and potions. Thank you!

Is the water from the lake clean?

Water from the lake has been scientifically tested on several occasions. While it is not suitable for drinking, it’s still great to swim in!

Are glass bottles allowed on site?

No. Glass creates a high risk of injury, it maximises the risk of fire and increases rubbish round the site. Vehicles will be searched for glass, so please pour all your drinks into containers (avoid plastic ones opt for stainless).


Can I buy ice at Boom?

Ice is not available at the festival site. However, you can get fresh food products at the Boom grocery store and various types of delicious food and cold drinks at restaurants and bars across the site, all at affordable prices.




When does the music and program start at Boom 2018?

The program begins at the Liminal Village, Sacred Fire and Chill Out Gardens on the evening of the 22nd of July 2018.

The programs for the Dance Temple, Being Fields and Alchemy Circle begin on the 23rd of July.

When does the music end at Boom 2018?

  • Dance Temple: 9pm, 28 July 2018
  • Alchemy Circle: 9pm, 28 July 2018
  • Sacred Fire: 3am, 29 July 2018
  • Chill Out Gardens: 6am, 29 July 2018

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