Water is one of our most precious resources, and it is becoming increasingly scarce worldwide. As an element of inestimable value, it is our responsibility to use it consciously and return it to Nature as clean as we received it. 

At Boomland we do our best to interfere as little as possible with our cherished ecosystem by cleaning the water from restaurants, bars, showers and other facilities  before, during and after every Boom edition.

How well do you know our Biological Water Treatment Plant?

We have developed a biological water treatment system based on bioremediation and evapo-transpiration. In other words, all wastewater (from showers and sinks) goes through a living filter made of plants! Thanks to this cleaning system, Boom was granted the “Green Inspiration Award” back in 2012.

Here’s how it functions: as the grey water passes through a series of garden beds, it evaporates while the roots of aquatic plants take on the very first phase of cleaning the water by removing minerals and storing them in their leaves.  The remaining minerals are circulated with the help of enzymes that are added to the water, specially constructed to allow these biological cycles to develop. After a while, a whole ecosystem grows in the water and also around it. This natural state of water sustains life by providing the perfect habitat for animals and plants.

The result? A clear, filtered water that is regularly tested to meet the environmental regulations.

Get to know our Water Treatment system firsthand! We put in on display right at the entrance of the Boomland so you can see what it is made of, from up close.

Conscious Usage

In 2017, 90 percent of Portugal faced severe drought. Water is a limited resource and WE MUST SAVE IT, EVERY DROP COUNTS.
When walking around the Boomland, you will stumble upon several free water points. The water that comes out of them comes from the public grid because for health and safety reasons, all events in Portugal are required to provide water connected to the public provider. We monitor water quality before, during and after the festival. To prevent waste, we install flowmeters at every water point. It is there for you to use! Fill up your containers, drink from the tap, stay hydrated! But please, make a conscious and wise usage of water!

As for showers, we limit hours of water availability to prevent excessive consumption.

Please bring organic shampoos and soap, and NEVER wash yourself in the lake!







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