Waste & Compost

Waste & Compost

As you can see in the photo above, there is always new life when we take our Reuse, Recycle and Compost mantra as the trilogy by which we swear! 

COMPOST |  We Make Soil!

The “We Make Soil” project is the result of a huge collective effort that aims to collect the maximum of organic residue during the whole event in a way that values all organic matter which may be compostable.

While it takes nature between 500 to thousands of years to produce 2cm of soil, we humans have become experts at damaging it in less than 2 minutes. Seems only fair that we put it back!

How can we help in this process? Our bodies are authentic soil making machines, as fertile compost can come from both food scraps and human manure. Also, at Boom we use Polylactic Acid (PLA) plates and cups made from potatoe, which are biodegradable and therefore are part of the compost.

Please always throw your food scraps in the right bin, and don’t be afraid of using our dry toilets!

Eco Letter 2016 Fact:  In the past Boom edition, we sent 80,400 kg of organic waste to be turned into compost!


By giving new use to rubbish , we are completing the natural circle of life!

Our Ecoteam, made of over 150 brave volunteers, takes care of the collection, separation, recovery and treatment of all solid residues in accordance with the required operating standards. It goes as follows: the Ecoteam collect all residues during the festival and place them in containers across the site. Later on, those same residues are taken to an outside public recycling unit, Valnor, where they are duly separated. By avoiding a mechanical separation of residues, we are also preventing unnecessary CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

It is up to us all to place our garbage in the designated bins, to aid in this recycling process and keep the natural circle of life going!

Please check the table below for a better comprehension of our evolution.


Nothing is truly rubbish if you know how to reuse it!
At Boom we deeply believe in upcycling and creating useful stuff out of trash - turning old plastic bottles into psychedelic streetlights and glowing mushrooms, or making an artistic sculpture out of aluminium beverage cans, you name it! Each year we try to increasingly adopt this principle and put it to use in every creative way possible.




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