As an event that brings thousands of people from over 150 countries to the small and remote area of Idanha-a-Nova, Boom’s socio-economic impact is non-negligible and publicly recognised by the Municipality. We assume our potential as catalysts for social change and have launched several projects which provide support to some of the organisations with which we resonate. Here are some facts from the previous (2016) edition.


  •  Local Employment: We have provided work to some 200 people from the region of Idanha-a-Nova where statistics (according to the 2011 Census) have shown: there are 4,495 pensioners, unemplpyment rate is at 15.9 percent, and there are 2583 residents in employment.


  • Boom Karuna Project: We have donated €11000 to local institutions: CERAS -  Quercus Castelo Branco (animal recovery centre), Sementes do Interior (free school movement) and AERID (children with special needs).


  • Local Economy: Making an international event like Boom requires looking for the best suppliers across the world. Nevertheless, we research local/national companies first by buying products or services from them when needed. 80 percent of all Boom suppliers are national. Of those, 41 percent are local.  One of our priorities is to provide all food vendors with a list of local suppliers and nearby organic farmers. The remaining percentage is food from suppliers who are not eco-certified, but local, and deliver the goods personally to food vendors.

  • We’ve started a food recycling programme. We are already very careful not to waste food and proud of our new collaboration with Association Zero Desperdício, which collected food waste from restaurants and distributed it to charity centres across the region such as Santa Casa da Misericórdia of both Alcafozes and Rosmaninhal villages.

During the whole production of the event, we do our utmost to employ special needs people with the intent of promoting social inclusion. We also heavily support cultural and gender diversity among our teams.


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