Mission & Awards

Mission & Awards

Every festival is accountable for the impact it makes on the environment. As such, Boom is committed to taking responsibility for the outcome of producing such a large-scale event. It does so by ensuring a positive impact is left on both the nature and the social environment.

This is what fuels the ethos of our environmental policy and program. In a nutshell, it makes sustainable development and the promotion of ecological consciousness a top priority before, during and after the event. As a result, implementation of such goals are carried out in complete harmony with the surrounding nature and our program for music and culture. 

So apart from being a staunch advocate music, arts and sustainability, Boom is simultaneously working on several social and natural conservation development projects. The aim is to reduce the inevitable carbon footprint made by some 40,000 Boomers who join us for the occasion. Thanks to the practices which help meet this goal, Idanha-a-Nova is has increasingly become a landmark of sustainability. 

The environmental program itself was conceived to raise awareness of the urgent need to change our habits towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle. So as a result, our policy involves the following:

  • Adapting to nature (and not the other way round!)
  • Commitment to continually scaling back on the carbon footprint by implementing tactics for prevention of pollution
  • A commitment to the respect of legal requirements and to other requirements related to environmental issues to which we agree
  • To deliver an appropriate framework for establishing and revising goals to protect the environment
  • To document, implement and communicate all environmental initiatives to Boom staff and Boomers in a transparent, clear and coherent manner. 



Over the last two decades of its life, Boom Festival has become a reference of sustainability for large-scale events on the global stage. Some of our most pioneering projects have been developed in the following areas:

  • Sustainable energy resources
  • Sanitation (Compost Toilets)
  •  On site Water Treatment
  •  Reuse of materials for building and reduced consumption
  •  Regeneration of habitats and ecosystems
  •  Recycling and composting of waste
  •  Promotion of public transportation, cycling and car-sharing to reduce CO2 emissions
  •  Eco-Art
  •  Bio-Construction and bio-fuel
  •  Social sustainability: Integration of minorities and people with special needs; developing a credible alternative to the models of mainstream culture; social projects with the surrounding communities
  •  Education on the principles and practice of permaculture and other environmental designs.
  •  Hosting of presentations by leading opinion makers and project leaders in the area of environmental consciousness.

Boom's firm and pioneering commitment to be an environmentally conscious event has been recognised by several prestigious awards:

  • Outstanding Greener Festival Award 2016, 2014, 2012, 2010 and 2008.
  • European Festival Award 2010 – Green’n’Clean Festival of the Year.
  • European Festival Award 2012 – Shortlisted as one of the three greenest festivals of the year.
  • European Festival Award 2014 - Nominated as one of the most environmentally friendly events of the year.
  • Green Inspiration Award 2012.
  • Member of the United Nations Music & Environment Stakeholder Initiative.

Boom's Environmental Program is not sponsored. It is a fully independent strategy, financed by ticket sales and developed by the Boom Festival in partnership with several organisations. Its success depends upon the contribution of countless eco-team volunteers and upon all the Boomers who have fully integrated Boom's ethos into their lives.

Please take part in this environmental experience by taking care of your garbage, the land around you and by helping keep all organic systems in place!


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