Powering human activity without harming Nature is one of the world’s biggest challenges. While much of the modern world continues to feed off fossil fuels to get the machine going, at Boom we have been developing solutions for cleaner, more sustainable energy sources. 

Whether we consider generators, means of transportation, lighting for the whole venue, appliances and so on - one thing is clear: the level of energy consumed is very, very high. 

With over 30,000 Boomers joining us for the occasion, not to mention everyone involved in production, it is our responsibility to ensure that all elements are powered up, while respecting the environment.

So, how green are we really? Here are the initiatives Boom has undertaken over the years...


2008: Your Oil is Music - Waste Veggie Oil in the Generators

• In 2008 Boom collected and reused 45,000 litres of waste vegetable oil for the generators. This avoided the emission of  117,000 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere;

• The vehicles used (one truck, two vans) run on waste vegetable oil;

• Boom had two generators: one 100kVA and one 80 kVA generators that run on waste vegetable oil.




2010: Boom Lab - Going Solar

• Boom built 3 small mobile photovoltaic stations with six 80 Watt panels. They were used to power the offices of areas such as Main Production, Sacred Fire, Healing Area and Ambient Paradise, and generated 2.4 kWh per day.

• The 4th solar station produced at the Boom Lab had an output of 3.2 kWh of solar energy per day.

• Boom Lab also developed a bigger station that was placed near the Main Production and workshops. Following the tilt of the sun, 18 panels produced 8.6kWh of solar energy per day.


2012, 2014, 2016: Boom Off Grid

Boom Off-Grid was a project which began in 2012. The project is ongoing. It aims to increase Boom's energy efficiency and make as much use as possible of solar-powered energy solutions. It also involves several sub-projects as shown in the table below.

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