Boom Bus Info

Boom Bus Info

Get to Boom fast, safely and comfortably!

Our Boom Bus charter service allows you to enter the venue one day before the official opening of the gates. It means you will get to Boomland early and reap the rewards of choosing the best place to pitch your tent. You can also enjoy the relaxing Boomland vibe before everyone else gets here and contribute to a greener Boom experience by helping decrease CO2 emissions.

The Boom Bus will depart from Lisbon and Madrid Airports and back.

Also, thanks to one of our official partners, there are connections for the Boom Bus in France, Switzerland and Belgium. Please go HERE for more information.

In 2016, 211 Boom Buses were used to transport 29 percent of all Boomer who were making friends along the way and helping save Mother Nature all at once!

Boom Bus tickets can be bought both online and from your local Boom Ambassador and can be reserved between 19 October 2017 and 2 July 2018. 

Note: Once Boom Bus tickets are sold out, you will ONLY be able to buy them at the festival for your return journey back!

Boom Bus ticket sales close on 2nd July. For public transport connections to the festival go HERE .


Boom Bus Tickets Info



Online and at your local Ambassador you can only purchase return tickets (both ways).  At the festival you will be able to purchase one way tickets to Lisbon and Madrid Airports.


Young Dragons up to 3 years old do not need a bus ticket, as they can travel on their parent’s lap.  Children older than 3 must purchase a bus ticket, as they will use a seat.

We will provide adapted seats for all children that are traveling on our psy buses.

In case of doubt please feel free to reach us at