Liminal Village

Liminal Village

Change begins with knowledge! As the need for a lifestyle and mentality shift becomes ever more apparent, Boom has become a cultural hub buzzing with pioneering ideas, eclectic practices and progressive plans of action and projects for positive change.

Since it’s inception in the year 2000 as a conference area, the Liminal Village has inspired thousands of Boomers to meet, learn, participate and exchange information. From thought-provoking films to gripping discussion panels: the Liminal continues to invite a spectrum of global experts to share their knowledge and invite critical discussion about some of the most important issues today.

In the previous 2016 edition, there were a total of 106 hours of conferences, workshops and night performances, 110 speakers and discussion panel participants, and 19 hours dedicated to movie sessions.

This is where fundamental discussions take place, it’s where hot topics are boldly approached and controversial opinions debated. While the many musical stages nurture the human states of awareness, this unique area focuses on bringing forward the necessary information and tools to create a new collective identity, capable of tackling contemporary issues through a shared view of today’s world. And hopefully inspire everyone to take action.

The program is spread out across all days of the festival, with each day corresponding to a given theme. Look forward to gaining first hand knowledge from experts in activism and environmentalism, to learning the craft of mixing from psytrance masters, and listening to inspirational points of view on matters that range from political actions to human spirituality and our place in a world where everything is interconnected.

Each day at the Liminal is concluded with a  nightly session of Paradigm Films featuring the latest documentaries and art films.

If you would like to participate in the Liminal Village program as a speaker or a lecturer, please fill out the application form available HERE.